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Nordic Pharma Insights platform

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  • Competitor comparisons with standardized info on pharmaceuticals and companies

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  • Regional reports from all countries by local professionals

  • Customizable reports, such as reports on the company’s competitor groups
  • Efficient indicators for your company’s needs

Consulting on the Nordic pharmaceutical market

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Nordic Pharma Insights platform

Nordic Pharma Insights is a pharmaceutical sales data reporting solution that combines pharmaceutical expertise and Nordic in-depth market knowledge.

Our automated pharmaceutical sales data reporting solution lets you quickly analyze reliable and up-to-date data from all Nordic countries at national and regional levels. The standardized and visualized Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish market data is easily accessible through a single user interface.

Nordic Pharma Insights allows you to examine data at national and regional levels and create custom reports and dashboard views according to your needs. Country-specific sales are also viewable at the regional mini-market level. You can view statistics in euros or other currencies like the Swedish Kronor.

Consulting on the Nordic pharmaceutical market

The Nordic market is changing rapidly. To fully understand changes and development in the Nordic market, whether related to reimbursement or changes in the structure of pharmacies, it is crucial to have a local understanding from all countries to explain and exploit market dynamics fully. 

As trusted and established local professionals in our respective markets, we truly understand your local market dynamics and needs. 

Time is of the essence – whether you operate with a short deadline for your monthly report and need reliable answers to a question before you pass it on, or you need precise insights on a particular market development. Our consulting services will match your expectations because we most likely know the answer to your questions even before you call, as we’ve helped many other companies with similar challenges. 

Through Nordic Pharma Insights, you are backed by a solid and dedicated team of local consultants, specialists, analysts, and data scientists ready to help you. So when you have a question, we will give you a straight answer.

About Nordic Pharma Insights

Nordic Pharma Insights is a collaboration between Signum, Pharmaca, Farmastat, and Swedish Pharma Insights - the leading Nordic providers of national pharmaceutical sales data in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.


Signum is the leading provider of pharmaceutical sales data and pharma market insights in Denmark. We have served clients in the Danish market for more than 40 years and hence have never lost track of the development of the Danish pharmaceutical market and the details of the ever-changing healthcare system. As part of our support to clients in optimizing their business, we provide consultancy services, market research, data science, and data-based sales optimization. Signum is owned by The Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), which gives us deep insights into the decision-making processes of authorities. 

+45 39 101 700



Pharmaca Health Intelligence is a technology and expert company providing health intelligence services & solutions. Our comprehensive pharmaceutical intelligence solutions help health and pharma professionals to develop their expertise and enable better decision making for the entire health life cycle. We elevate decision-making by turning data into smart analytics and clear insights. 

+358 961 504 950



Farmastat AS is the leading provider of sales data through the pharmacy channel in the Norwegian market; Rx, OTC and merchandise. In addition, we track sales of medicines sold through the public hospital channel (LIS). We have been serving customers in the Norwegian market for more than 20 years. We are well known for our fast delivery, high quality of data and very high level of service. Farmastat is the only company in Norway that has sales and support locally in the Norwegian market. We also offer consultancy services, all to give our customers the best foundation for making good and correct decisions. 

+47 23 161 570



SPI Swedish Pharma Insights provides pharmaceutical sales data and consultancy services with a focus on commercial business optimization. With quality market and patient data, essential insights and a trust-based counselling partnership — we give you the inside track to the Swedish market. SPI is owned by Signum, Pharmaca and Farmastat.

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