Nordic service in your own language

Time zones are of no concern to our services. We share time zones with you, we share markets with you and we share our full market insights with you. Always in your own language and with the required attention to details. When it comes to explaining the intricate market details that only specialists can provide - we will be there for you!​


  • Local specialists

    We are all professionals in our respective markets. Your markets are also our “home turf”, whether it is in Norway, Finland, Sweden or Denmark. We understand your local market dynamics and have followed the development of the market for many years. So when you have a question and call us, we will give you a straight answer.

  • Market understanding

    The gradual changes and developments in the system that provides care – whether related to reimbursement or changes in the structure of primary pharmacies - is important to understand to fully explain market dynamics and developments. Each of us know and understand the intricate details of our national healthcare systems. That is why our answers to your questions carry more weight than you might be used to.

  • Service matters

    Time is of essence. Whether you operate with a short deadline for your monthly report and need reliable answers to a question before you pass it on, or you need precise insights on a particular market development – time is of essence. Our service will match your expectations because we most likely know the answer to your questions before you call. We are there for you.