Nordic solutions

​​​​​​​​Consolidated market insight at Nordic level is becoming more and more critical to business analysis. Nordic Pharma Insights is a response to this demand. ​Nordic Pharma Insights is an umbrella solution on top of your national data solution, and is delivered on the well know Cognos Business Intelligence platform. Data acquisition is agreed with your local national data provider and Nordic Pharma Insights provides the consolidation and presentation of data.​

National solutions

  • Denmark

    DLIMI is the leading provider of pharmaceutical sales data and pharma market insights in Denmark. We have served clients in the Danish market for more than 40 years and hence never lost track of neither the development of the Danish pharmaceutical market, nor the details of the ever changing healthcare system. As an integral part of our offerings we provide consultancy services, interview based market analysis and support clients in optimisation of their business beyond sales data.

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  • Norway

    Farmastat AS is the leading provider of sales data through the pharmacy channel in the Norwegian market; Rx, OTC and merchandise. In addition, we track sales of medicines sold through the public hospital channel (LIS). We have been serving customers in the Norwegian market for more than 20 years. We are well known for our fast delivery, high quality of data and very high level of service. Farmastat is the only company in Norway that has sales and support locally in the Norwegian market. We also offer consultancy services, all to give our customers the best foundation for making good and correct decisions.

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  • Sweden

    Swedish Pharma Insights AB is a prime supplier of Sales Data and Market Intelligence solutions for the Swedish market. Covering Primary Care, Hospital, OTC markets both with regard to sales data, statistics, Market Access and Market Analysis. With close ties to the industry organisations in the Nordics, Swedish Pharma Insights AB has a clear focus to support local Swedish pharma business with a Nordic outlook, as markets grow closer and is more entangled. Our Business Intelligence solutions are flexible and range from complete all-in-one online reporting systems via on-the-fly mobile solutions to raw data feeds delivered to a data warehouse of your choosing. Let us help you make the right decisions.

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  • Finland

    Lääketietokeskus is the easy-to-use and cost-effective market statistics service for the Finnish pharmaceutical market. The service includes reliable, up-to-date price and sales information of pharmaceuticals to support decision-making. The service is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service), which is quick to implement. Sales of medicines and pharmacy goods can be monitored on various time periods and classification levels.

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